What is easy and what is hard?

The easy part involves creativity.

The easy part is usually a lot of fun, because you’re dreaming big. No one is criticizing you for having the wrong ideas, because nothing in the brainstorming space is real yet. We’ve all been trained to say nothing negative, because we were all taught that there are no bad ideas. We are all just being ‘creative’ together.

The easy part is the safe part.

But if you really care about the work you do, the easy part will get boring. If we want to make our ideas real, we have to do the real work. We have to do the hard part.

The hard part also involves creativity.

But the hard part mostly involves failing spectacularly, recalibrating, applying new ideas, trying new angles, and sometimes continuing to fail.

The hard part is knowing that your idea isn’t there yet — and it’s knowing when it is.

Having an idea don’t cost anything, but doing the hard work to uncover a truly great idea can be expensive.

Remember, nobody likes a cheap boss.