Change is in the air.

Thanks for your interest in attending an Underground Cocktail Chat — a meeting of young, talented, and ambitious hospitality professionals.

Many people around town, and increasingly, around the country, think that Dallas is on the cusp of becoming one of the most important food cities in America. I feel it coming, too — but we aren't out of the woods yet.

The dining culture in Dallas isn't well defined, and our neighborhoods are disjointed. Service, quality, and consistency suffer as restaurants continue to boom and bust at breakneck speed. Our managers and staff lack mentorship, experience, and support.

Perhaps most pressing of all is the 'labor shortage.'

People are clearly being hired — they just tend to have no idea what they are doing. I don't think it's overreaching to say that most staff members will have gone most of their careers without access to the training they need to be fully competent in their jobs, let alone to move up. It's bad for our staff, it's bad for our guests, and it gives our industry a bad name.

I don't mean to sound overly bleak. Dallas is an amazing, vibrant city — I love it. That's why I live here, and why I'm hosting these events. I want to see Dallas become one of the best places to have a drink or eat a meal in the entire world. No small feat to be sure, but entirely possible nonetheless.

Heres the pitch: all of us, as the future leaders of the hospitality industry, can help move our city forward. That's why my partners and I are on a mission to redefine what it means to be a service professional in Dallas.

We need to level this city up, and quick — and if you feel the same way, we need to know each other.

Take a minute to consider the questions below, and leave your contact details so I can get in touch.