Hospitality training and leadership development.

Training that transforms.

I have always felt that a well—trained, passionate staff is the most important component of any successful restaurant or bar.

Unfortunately, as you probably know, great training is extremely uncommon in the restaurant business. So much so that the industry have become famous for both its low barrier to entry, and its low standards overall.

I’ve been to restaurants where servers dreaded selling wine simply because they didn’t feel confident using a corkscrew. Their guests were missing out on the experience of sharing a bottle of wine, the server was missing out on a bigger tip, and the operator was missing out on profits.

As sad as it may be, the fact is most restaurants and bars provide zero significant training to any of their staff members. Most servers learn their jobs by shadowing other servers, and bartenders from bartenders, and managers at times from seemingly no one at all.

I’ve spent my career helping teams work better together. Now, I can help your team, too. My unique approach to training will help your staff be the best by giving them access to the skills and information they need to confidently perform their jobs, and make your restaurant or bar more money.

Your staff wants to do a great job.

Give them the tools they need to do it.

Hands-on training

Hands–on classes with Seth Brammer, 15 year veteran of the restaurant and hotel business will energize and inspire your staff. Seth will provide your floor staff and management with the information and skills they need to confidently perform their jobs, and make your restaurant or bar more money in the process.

Product knowledge

Superior product knowledge is a direct pathway to higher sales. Servers and bartenders that are completely comfortable with every product in the establishment will naturally sell higher quality products, as those will be the products they tend to prefer. This creates an environment of shared vision, and teamwork, and trust.

Your staff can learn:

  • Mixing classic and modern cocktails, and how to sell them to your guests.
  • How to taste, understand, sell, and up–sell craft spirits, including the many styles and varieties of whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, mezcal, tequila, cordials, amaro, and vermouth.
  • Tasting and understanding the differences between white, red, rosé, sparkling, fortified, and dessert wine.
  • How to taste, and talk about beer and it’s many styles.
  • How to thoughtfully pair food and beverages.

Leadership development

Restaurants and bars influence large parts of our culture. The menus we write and cocktails we mix become part of the public conversation. Our employees, therefore, are a direct pathway to the public.

Are your restaurant or bar managers leading their team? Or are they simply overseeing their shift? If we expect the public to take our industry as seriously as we do, our staff has to take it seriously, too. The quickest route to reduce turnover is engaging with your staff and bringing value to their position.

Your managers can learn:

  • How to conduct a useful preshift every day to increase sales and staff engagement.
  • Leading by example. Passionate leadership is paramount to the success of any ambitious concept.
  • Keep your staff by giving them a reason to stay.

Hospitality–focused programs

We simply cannot rely on suppliers and producers alone to educate our staff.

While sales and product reps play an important role in our industry, product and producer knowledge is only one piece of a much larger hospitality puzzle.

In order to properly curate experiences for our guests, our staffs must understand how to use product knowledge in context so that it works for the benefit of the operation.

In short, we need to tell the story of our own concepts, our restaurants shouldn’t be billboards for liquor companies, and our bartenders certainly need not be their megaphones.

Your staff can learn:

  • How to create a culture of hospitality and professionalism within the walls of your business.
  • Inspire your staff to tell compelling and natural stories about your concept at the table and behind the bar.
  • How to use their new skills to deliver transformational service to your guests.

Let your business be its best.

By giving your staff the training they need, you’ll enable them to make your business its very best.